Spetsnaz is an International security company dedicated to providing strategic security solutions to corporate and government agencies around the word.

We offer comprehensive solutions to every aspect of security - from corporate operations to executive protection and support to governments. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, we pursue innovation, we deploy imagination, we are open to new ideas and we act decisively with consistency. We are determined to deliver service of the highest quality. Our firm operates a worldwide network of offices, contacts, and associates so our clients can further benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel built up through careers in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence services. This breadth of knowledge, combined with our global reach and wide practical experience, allows us to provide the highest quality security solutions in the world. Our comprehensive, outcome-oriented approach has built us reputation for consistently exceeding clients expectations. Now we are working with clients not only in the Russian Federation, but also in United States of America, Great Britain, Sweden, and other countries. We are keen to communicate our new vision to our clients and together create innovative solutions worldwide. Our deal-making intelligence, market insight, risk management expertise, and global strength are instrumental in helping companies to achieve their strategic objectives. At all levels of our organization, our people are what make us and define our reputation. We are extremely proud of our employees. Our first-class staff reflects our continued commitment to quality. We employ rigorous recruitment procedures, followed by thorough training and testing. We provide capable, caring and demanding management, with an emphasis on staff welfare; ensure one of the lowest staff turnover rates within the industry. Our Company offers a full service line that was designed to allow our firm to meet our clients every need. With this in mind, Spetsnaz Security has developed a complete security solution within one company.

As a client of Spetsnaz you are entitled to expect personal service of highest quality. You will find that we are more than just a security company: we are an experienced and competent partner, who takes care of all your security requirements and is there to provide you with professional service whenever you need it. However you choose to make use of our services, it is always the relationship of trust between yourself and our firm that forms the basis for optimal solutions.

Spetsnaz provides security solutions to:

• Federal, State and Local Governments
• International Organizations
• High Profile Individuals
• Financial Institutions
• TV & Film Industry
• Museums and Art Galleries
• Medical Institutions
• Boutique Shops and Retail Establishments
• Concert Arena's & Stadiums
• Nights Clubs and Restaurants
• Casinos and Gaming Resorts
• Car, Yacht and Airplane Dealers
• Property Management Companies
• Private Estates & Gated Communities
• Water Treatment Facilities
• Parking Facilities

Phone: +1 8667717189
Fax: +1 8882899945
Email: info@spetsnazsecurity.com